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A Rosy Story

One Sunday while doing some house chores, I noticed my neighbor and friend, Andrea, walking down the road that’s in front of my bedroom window. As she walked by with her head held down, Andrea appeared dismayed. I remembered how she told me of her work struggles at her sales job and that she desired to make a career change. In that moment, I really wished that I could help her, but at the time, I just did not know how, so I prayed for Andrea instead.

A few days later, Andrea called me and while we talked, she sadly mentioned that she had been laid off from her long-time job. Andrea did not know how she was going to make it financially to endure the 2020 pandemic. Being that I had picked up an extra job in healthcare (6) months prior and was doing well, I figured maybe I could help Andrea get hired at my new employer too.

When completing the company’s online application with Andrea, I noticed that while she had the required work experience, her résumé needed to be updated to include it and formatted to best display it. Having worked at a career center in my youth’s 4-year, college work-study position, I have carried a keen sense of career readiness knowledge for years, understanding what a résumé should say and how a recruiter or employer should see it. Naturally, I offered to revise Andrea’s résumé, so her applicable experience would stand out to the hiring managers, increasing her chances of being hired. When Andrea saw her revised résumé, she said to me, “You know, this looks really good; thanks!” Jokingly, I responded, “It certainly does; I ought to charge you!” We both laughed and completed the submission of her online job application.

The next day while thinking about the sense of fulfillment I had from helping Andrea, I encouraged and thought to myself, “Why don’t you do this work professionally; what if you could? Just try!” I had an epiphany. Mentally, my conceptual light bulb had come on inside of me. The inspirational notion to turn a talent-driven hobby into a profit-yielding, ecommerce company that helps people gain employment and subsequently, their financial self-sufficiency, became greatly motivating to me. Established on Dr. MLK, Jr. Day in January 2021, Rosy Résumé, LLC, became more than a dream to me; it became my passion project. Concurrently and within (3) weeks, Andrea was not only hired, but also, my boss gave me the honor to send Andrea her offer letter, allowing her to start work a week later.

It was wonderful! As Andrea began to work her new job, my business's origin began to blossom. At the time, I knew that I wanted to become a “certified” professional résumé writer. I decided to become current on the latest best practices of résumé writing by virtually undergoing professional training for my certification credential. Simultaneously, I designed my company’s entire website,

Happily, Andrea has completed (4) months in her new job, going from part-time to full-time status and having received an excellent performance review. Now, Andrea holds her head just a bit higher with a smile that’s brighter. She is no longer burdened with worry about her financial livelihood during the pandemic. Andrea is much happier working collaboratively with a better boss and team members in a more pleasant work environment, which has a friendly corporate culture, matching her amiable personality. Thus, no longer as a hobby but instead as a company, continuing to empower the Andreas of the world, both women and men, is what I envision to be the successful legacy and prosperity story of Rosy Résumé.

As its name connotes, a “rosy” résumé is one that is promising or suggesting good fortune or happiness. An ecommerce company, Rosy Résumé, is a certified résumé writing and professional document preparation service. The mission of Rosy Résumé is to deliver quality, rosy documents that promote our client’s professional brand, getting them interviewed and hired. The vision of Rosy Résumé is to be the online, one-stop-shop delivering document preparation services for career readiness.

Rosy Résumé revises or writes hybrid résumés and concise grant proposals. We proofread and edit academic papers and business documents. Rosy Résumé delivers quality edits for riveting results, making clients recruiter-review-ready and better recognized!


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