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Executive Profile Producer

Deliver a well-crafted work experience summary.

Service Description

Do you need a great write-up capturing your professional skills and career experiences? Do you want a professional summary that showcases your work achievements? Are you seeking a well-written bio to include in a request for proposal (RFP), grant application, or as a component of a business plan? If yes, then the Executive Profile Producer is the service for you. To get started, just upload your résumé, which must be typed in the English language and uploaded in Microsoft Word format. If you do not have a résumé draft to upload, don't worry. We'll still write you an excellent executive profile, but first, you'll need to complete a detailed Questionnaire. The Questionnaire will be sent to you after your order payment is received. You may expect your executive profile return e-mailed to you within (5-10) business days after returned receipt of your completed and emailed Questionnaire. All sales are final, and there is no refund for service rendered. To get started, click the Order button above to checkout, and then email your completed Questionnaire and current résumé to

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