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Rosy Résumé is a certified résumé writing and professional document preparation service. As an online, career readiness one-stop-shop, Rosy Résumé clients are the on-the-go student, aspiring intern, and entry-level to experienced professional. We revise or write résumés and grant proposals. We proofread and edit academic papers and business documents.

Rosy Résumé specializes in tight writing while formatting hybrid résumés, producing scannable ones that draw the employer's eyes to our client's qualifications and career accomplishments. We ensure our client's document is grammatically polished, fantastically formatted, and strategically sound. The mission of Rosy Résumé is to deliver quality, rosy documents that promote our client’s professional brand, getting them interviewed and hired. Rosy Résumé delivers quality edits for riveting results, making clients recruiter-review-ready &  better recognized!






promising or suggesting good fortune or happiness; hopeful; optimistic; auspicious

Reviewing CVs


  • Invite an employer to review your résumé first!

    70 US dollars
  • Get your résumé recruiter ready & better recognized!

    340 US dollars
  • Present an enticing résumé snapshot by spotlighting work experience.

    160 US dollars
  • Submit a proposal for a non-profit or biz grant award.

    340 US dollars
  • Produce a polished paper or professional document. Students: 10% Off

    160 US dollars
  • Deliver a well-crafted work experience summary.

    340 US dollars
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